Established 2009 in Los Angeles, California – Nixeus Technology is an American company, brand and manufacturer specializing in computer monitors, peripherals and consumer electronics. Our products are trusted and used by Fortune 500 companies, Financial Institutions, Universities, NASA, and various government agencies. Founded by executives with extensive knowledge and experience in the consumer electronics and PC gaming industry – we are committed to producing premium quality products to create an immersive experience for entertainment, business and productive applications.


To accomplish this mission and vision, we implemented a “Nixeus Experience” that connects our brand with the most important thing – our customers! By providing industry leading support and service, interacting with the community and receiving valuable feedback from our customers – we strive to ensure our customers enjoy the fruits of our passion and innovations.


We encourage all our customers and community members to provide feedback and interact with us to further enhance the Nixeus Experience.

Brief History of Our Company

Gaming Monitor

Nixeus ships world’s first 24″ 1920×1080 AMD FreeSync Gaming Monitor with a 30Hz to 144Hz Adaptive-Sync Range

August 2015

Nixeus Vue 24

Nixeus Vue 24″ announced as world’s first AMD FreeSync Certified Gaming Monitor with an Adaptive-Sync Range of 30Hz to 144Hz.

June 2015


Nixeus NX-VUE27D was the world’s first monitor demoed with AMD FreeSync technology at Computex 2014.

July 2014


Nixeus partners with AMD on “Project FreeSync.”



Nixeus ships the NX-VUE27 IPS 2560×1440 – at under $500, the Nixeus Vue 27″ was a premium and affordable professional WQHD monitor for the masses.

August 2012

Nixeus Fusion XS

Nixeus ships the world’s first Marvell Android Network Media Player with 10bit video playback support – the Nixeus Fusion XS

November 2011

Nixeus Fusion XS Network Media Player

Nixeus partners with Dolby Digital and DTS to develop and ship the world’s first Network Media Player with full support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-Master Audio.

November 2009