Anandtech Review – Nixeus MODA PRO Mechanical Keyboard




by E. Fylladitakis

The Moda Pro however combines excellent aesthetics with a very alluring retail price that can easily convince many users to try the experience of a mechanical keyboard, either as an upgrade over a mediocre membrane-based model.

The elegant minimalistic design and white color probably are the primary selling points of the Moda Pro as a mechanical keyboard, which is strongly trying to become visually appealing for Mac users. There are very few white mechanical keyboards available, let alone models designed with Mac users in mind. Of course the keyboard would work with a Mac without swapping the keycaps, they are just an aesthetic and psychological improvement for Mac users, who now are not forced to be using a mechanical keyboard with Windows-specific keycaps on it. Its metallic body and design make it perfect for a system in a modern workspace when aesthetics are important.

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