Overclock.net – Nixeus MODA PRO Mechanical Keyboard Review – Brown Switch

By Duality92, Reviewer for Overclock.net

The model I have on hand is the Brown Kailh switch version. I’ve been using brown Kailh switches on a MODA V2 for around 6 months now and they feel as good and durable as my Cherry’s. I think they’re a good cost saving alternative to Cherry’s.

The top, bottom and side parts are made of extrusion aluminium with a sandblasted finish and shaved edges. It gives off a very professional and subtle look. I think that Nixeus did really well this this, it makes a nice solid construction that hold very well together. This finish type is not new to me as my OnePlus Ones case is of the exact same kind of process, but smaller.

Out of a sea of mechanical keyboards, the MSRP of this keyboard is set at $74.99 USD which lands it in the “budget” category. While being in the budget category I think it does a really nice job. The costs saving alternative were put in the right place. I think Nixeus is on to something and is raising the bar for the others aiming for the budget category. With a solid construction, full aluminium body, quality solders and professional look, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Review Rating:  5/5 Stars

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