Nixeus REVEL Customization Software
Official Nixeus REVEL Customization Software allows you to customize the Key-Binding, Performance, DPI settings and Lighting effect to your own preference.
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Nixeus REVEL Firmware Update Installation Instructions
1) Make sure the REVEL is connected to the PC
2) Double click on the “FlashOnLine.exe” F/W update program
3) Make sure there are no other programs or windows opened/running that may accidently interrupt the update.
4) Click on “Update” – you will see the program erase, install, and verify the firmware installation (during the installation you will see the REVEL’s LED turn off).
5) Once the firmware is finished installing you will see a note “F/W Update Finish, Plug-Out Device”  (The LED on the mouse will come back on to indicate the firmware has installed successfully).
6) Unplug the mouse from the USB port of the computer and connect it back in, and just hit the “Exit” button after.

NOTE:  If there is an error or interruption during installation the mouse will no longer function (LED does not come back on).  Don’t worry, the mouse is not bricked (first time this happened I thought I bricked the mouse a few months ago).  Make sure the REVEL is still connected and just connect another working mouse (Make sure the other mouse is another brand and not a second REVEL you may own) to use to navigate and run the F/W update program again.

Nixeus REVEL Firmware Update 10/20/2016
Nixeus REVEL Firmware Update 07/15/2016