The Game Technicial Review – Nixeus NX-VUE24A 24″ 144hz Monitor Review: FreeSync Perfected?

By Matthew Bush, Hardware Reviewer for The Game Technician

Nixeus isn’t a well known company but they are making waves in the monitor scene with the NX-VUE24A, This is a 24″ 144hz monitor that utilises AMDs FreeSync™ technology to help deliver a smooth gaming experience even when your fps drops.

For gaming this monitor is simply fantastic, the 144hz refresh rate combined with the 1ms response time really makes FPS games much more enjoyable than on a 60hz panel, I didn’t notice any ghosting or funny business happening which is always a good thing.

The implementation of AMDs FreeSync on the NX-VUE24 is also exceptionally well done, with a range of 30-144hz it’s the largest window on the market today and I would like to add that FreeSync is something you don’t initially notice when using this monitor until you turn it off, then you can truly see the impact it makes to your gaming experience.
It really is a case of “You don’t miss it until it’s gone”

I’ve been using the NX-VUE24A as my main monitor for over a month now to get a good feel for it in gaming, daily use, movies and even writing this review and I can tell you that it will be staying on my desk for quite some time because it’s a damn good monitor and I would like to congratulate Nixeus on a job well done.

This is one company I’ll be paying attention to in the future and as such I’d like to give the Nixeus NX-VUE24A The Game Technician Platinum Essential Award.

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