The Next Web Review: The Nixeus Revel mouse brings you pro performance on the cheap





If you’re looking for a pro-caliber gaming mouse on the cheap, you should check out the Nixeus Revel.

No, this isn’t a promo; the Revel is just a really good, barebones gaming mouse that’s easy to recommend for its comfortable shape and top-notch sensor at around $40-$50.


The mouse’s main selling point is its sensor, the PixArt 3360. It’s a slight variation of the sensor in Logitech’s top gaming mice (G Pro, G900, G502, etc), and is widely acknowledged as the best gaming sensor around for its accurate tracking and indifference to acceleration for the quickest of 360s.

Part of that was a preference for the shape, but there was a distinct sense the mouse was doing a better job of translating my movements into headshots.

… the Revel’s weight and thin cable seemed to help me perform just a little better. It’s also about $20 cheaper


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