The Verge Review – Nixeus MODA PRO Mechanical Keyboard


This mechanical keyboard is a great, cheap option for Mac users – and Windows users that like white keyboards

by Sam Byford, The Verge News Editor

July 8, 2016

For some reason, almost no-one makes mechanical keyboards that match the Mac aesthetic. The new Moda Pro from Nixeus, however, is a great entry-level option for anyone curious about entering the world of clicky keys in style. It’s a full-sized keyboard with white keycaps and a solid aluminium and steel body, coming off as an oversized take on Apple’s current Magic Keyboard — or a more solid version of what Apple shipped with iMacs about a decade ago. As with a few other recent keyboards, the design is essentially frameless.

The Moda Pro ships with a Windows layout by default, but comes with Mac keycaps and a tool to easily remove the pre-installed ones. You can, of course, use it with either OS just fine and there’s no dedicated software necessary, but I think the appeal will be more obvious for Mac owners. Just switch the keys out, assign the bindings in system preferences, and you’re away.

I often read that people get used to the new MacBook’s keyboard after a period of adjustment, but I’ve been using it as my primary computer for a year now and still find it pretty awful. But the Moda Pro is a great companion to a MacBook in clamshell mode, or any other Mac, and is also a really good first mechanical keyboard for anyone who wants more travel from their keys.

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