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Established 2009 in Los Angeles, California – Nixeus Technology Inc. is an American company, brand and manufacturer specializing in computer monitors, peripherals and consumer electronics. Our products are trusted and used by consumers worldwide. Founded by executives with extensive knowledge and experience in the consumer electronics and PC gaming industry – we are committed to producing premium quality products to create an immersive experience for competitive gamers, entertainment, content creators, business and productive applications.


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Engineered and designed in Los Angeles, California, every Nixeus product utilizes quality components, the latest technologies, and we partner/license with the top industry leading technology companies. We invest more in our products than marketing because we want to give our customers great high performing products without the added expense from marketing fluff. Most of all, we back up every product with our industry leading live customer and warranty support.

Business and Consumer Products

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If you own an Apple MacBook Pro or a Windows PC like the Microsoft Surface Studio, the silver-and-white color scheme of the Moda Pro (Mechanical Keyboard) matches perfectly. The Moda Pro works well with both Mac OS and Windows, it's sturdily built, and has an attractive price.

- Joel Santo Domingo, PCMag


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