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Nixeus EDG = Engineered and Designed for Gamers

We have been working with AMD and AMD Radeon Technology Group since the very beginning of FreeSync development to create the best performing FreeSync gaming monitors in the world! Every Nixeus gaming monitor goes through an extensive validation process to ensure compatibility with all available video graphic devices and hardware.

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NX-EDG27v2 and NX-EDG27Sv2

Our best performing 27” IPS 2560 x 1440 144Hz Gaming Monitor updated in 2019 with a FreeSync Certified range of 30Hz to 144Hz for HDMI and DisplayPort inputs!

10-2-2018 NX-EDG27 ver1.jpg

NX-EDG27 and NX-EDG27S (Discontinued)

The best performing 27” 2560 x 1440 144Hz FreeSync Certified Gaming Monitor featuring an IPS type display panel.

8-21-2019 NX-EDG24S.jpg

NX-EDG24 and NX-EDG24S

Engineered for competitive gamers and eSports tournaments, our legendary NX-VUE24 Full HD 144Hz Gaming Monitor has now been updated to the NX-EDG24 to support FreeSync on both DisplayPort and HDMI!

10-2-2018 NX-VUE24 FS #1.jpg

NX-VUE24A and NX-VUE24B (Discontinued)

Our best selling 24” 1920 x 1080 FreeSync Certified 144Hz Gaming monitor. Engineered for competitive gamers and eSports tournaments.

10-2-2018 NX-EDG27240 ver1.jpg

NX-EDG27240 and NX-EDG27240S

Our fastest Full HD gaming monitor with the world’s widest AMD FreeSync Certified range of 35Hz to 240Hz for HDMI and DisplayPort inputs!